Monday, February 2, 2009

Wither Shall I wonder?

By: Muhammad Azhar Khan b. Ashfar Ahmad

I love histories, all those things about greek tragedies, roman bloodbath, terrible Tudors, madness of Qin - Everything - I was elated to learn the histories of drama (because I have never read about it) but my excitement were gone because - I did not know that Antigone was pronounced Anti - Go - Nee!The first class of Drama and there is already a thing that i don't know. (not to mention other scores of things that i don't know - who knows that Gladiator originated from a form of theater?)

To live another whole sem with 5 hours of bafflement every week... there got to be more energy that i could muster to go through this. When i was listening the lecture about how theater originated, I didn't know that there were more to theater than Tiara Jacquelina over-publicizing herself in Istana Budaya.The whole time that Dr Edwin was lecturing my head was spinning with the nursery rhyme -'goosie goosie gender, wither shall i wonder'... not because of that 'not saying the prayers' part, it was about the wondering part, and the going upstairs and downstairs part because I felt like my mind was scampering through my brain in hopeless attempt to find the intellect to grasp all these new facts, and some familiar facts too - the fact that I have to learn more Shakespearean English was and always will be a challenge to my little tiny brain.

Hopefully i will make it through this course, or every time Dr Edwin lectures, there will only be the sound of goose squawking in my little tiny head.

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