Sunday, February 8, 2009

one and two and three and turn!

Dancing, i will never understand that kind of art. I can never get the concept of shaking/wiggling/dramatizing(?) your body in front of people - i would never do that, but i did(!) it anyway!

Of the three years i lived in Johor Bahru i have danced Zapin three times, and indian dance twice, and sarawakian ethnic once - all are different. Where zapin is aggresive but graceful, indian dance is just aggresive (not in a bad way), and sarawakian ethnic dance was downright interesting. Sadly to admit, i enjoyed dancing.

Zapin had a disciplined about it, you have to tilt your head a certain way, not too much becase it would destroy the whole concept - just tilt your head a certain way - it can't get more ambigous than that! Everyone in the number have to move in the same place and at the same time, which was really hard to do because coorperation is something rare to find nowadays (as rare as the sumatran rhinocerous - interesting analogy).

Of course after doing the Zapin i got laughed at by my friends because in a way dancing may have unmanned me, but i have to say, to see your hard work practising to be greeted with applause was a great feeling. Being the only indian in a traditional malay number was so malaysian - as my lecturer put it. I may have developed a certain liking with malay culture since i cant stop imagining that two thousand years ago (or maybe a bit more recent than that) - zapin is their television!

Indian dance is where i let go, seriously - there was a lot of jumping and twisting and stuff. It was like as though you moved your body vigorously and suddenly you felt - light, as though you are a feather, indian dance help me let my insecurities go!

Now with the sarawakian ethnic - this was really interesting because i did this dance as an act for a thetre. I wrote a theatre and it was staged in IPP Penang, i got this idea that when the characters in the play was about to engage in a catfight, dancers (myself included)come out and did the dance - it had colourful musics and weird steps which i found suitable to portray the anger of the characters. Even when at the time of staging we had some technical problems, but if there were none, it would had the effect i wanted.

From what i have learnt from dancing - moving/shaking/wiggling/twisting your body with music help discipline/calm and portray your emotion - but i doubt that the whole point of traditional dancing!


  1. salam saudara, cuba amati dan telitikan apa yg saudara faisal tehrani samapaikan dalam tulisan dia mengenai bahasa itu zat. bahasa itu satu kemahiran yg kita perlukan dan manakala ilmu itu adalah menuntut kefahaman yg amat mendalam lebih berkesan dengan bahasa ibunda kita sendiri untuk disampaikan. jika kita mendalami ilmu dengan bahasa orang lain kita melalui proses menuntut ilmu dengan peringkat untuk memahami bahasa asing itu sendiri dan satu lagi peringkat untuk kita memahami konsep sesuatu ilmu itu sendiri. jangan mudah keliru dan amati sepenuh hati tanpa prasangka.

  2. salam saudara, kita perlulah sedar sejarah dan amati sejarah kenapa british bawa bangsa2 lain ke tanah melayu ini dan memasukkan dalam syarat tanah melayu merdeka dengan menerima bangsa2 lain sebagai warga negara sewenangnya sedangkan melayu bertungkus lumus tumpahkan darahnya sekian lama demi tanah air tercinta. ini semua agenda inggeris itu sendiri supaya tanah melayu sentiasa berkonflik dan terbatas atas dasar perkauman sukar untuk bersatu supaya kita terus menggunakan acuan barat itu sendiri secara tak sedar kita kian menjauhi acuan Islam itu sendiri atas dasar pelbagai kaum walaupun Muslim majoritinya. pokoknya di sini sudah tiba masanya kita kembali sepenuhnya kepada Islam seluruhnya. tak perlu ceduk sahaja ilmu2 dari barat yg sememangnya mengikis nilai2 Islam sedangkan mereka sendiri ceduk ilmu2 dari ilmuan Islam dengan menterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggeris, tanpa menterjemahkan ke bahasa Melayu dengan menambah nilai Islam dalam setiap ilmu adalah amat2 bahaya dalam pembinaan tamadun sesuatu bangsa dengan pemikiran barat yg tersebar melalui ilmu.