Saturday, April 4, 2009

So long my almost lover...

This is my last entry for this blog, quite sad, because honestly I have never been so 'passionate' in creating blogs before. It had been a wonderful experience. I have found myself always checking on my blogs, waiting for comments, because I really want to know what people thought about my blog. However, sadly, I got very few comments, maybe for the fact that people does not know my URL, and lets not go there now.

The thing is, I am quite sad that the blog work had ended because it symbolizes that my time with EDU 3217 has ended. I had such a great time studying Drama, because I really like theater. I would like to someday write and direct a play. Yes, EDU 3217 had definitely helped me grow with the maturity of how to do a play.

Now, getting back to the blogging thing, I had some blogs before but all were only devoted for my poems, now I think I will create more blogs and be more open of the things that I would want to write. Blogging for EDU 3217 was fun, for the fact that Dr Edwin forced us to do it, I am kind of thankful for that, since i can indulge myself with blogging and can do more later.

I am also sad that Dr Edwin will be leaving UPM, I know that Dr Edwin does not need his students to say he is good, but my God he is good, his was the only lecture that I actually listen to and make notes. His was the only lecture that i enjoyed.

I would miss blogging and EDU 3217,

and I will write more blog, more interesting ones,

And I am really sorry that Dr Edwin is leaving UPM.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A made up love story for the Ledang Princess

The whole thing about the theater Puteri Guning Ledang were great, except for the storyline, I am not saying that i hate it, but i don't exactly love it. It is a simple story about love, and how it goes in the way of honour, it is just too 'chick-flick' for me i guess.

Well, that is just about the story (don't even let me start about the historical accuracies of the theater), the thing that i really impressed was one; The acting, my god, i am actually surprised why all these people (even the extra dancers) did not get any more recognition that it is. I was SPEECHLESS! Speechless I say! Two; the props! The magnificent props! I dont know how they do it, but they actually use the same steps-like blocks to create the Gunung Ledang, the waterfall, the Majapahit Palace (or Keraton) - i mean, that was downright creative. Third; the songs, i watch the theater a month ago, but i can still remember the songs, it was just right, everything was just right. I wish they had a more powerful storyline though, rather that a 'boy meets girl' thing.

The thing is, the theaters have given my ideas, how could a play be presented to audience, i can now imagine how the play like streetcar and such can be brought to life. Right now, i am wishing to own the script.

All these hiatus about the theater thing have made me more eager to watch more. Next week, our class will be watching 'A diary of a mad man', my whole class is going, that would be my first English theater. I hope i will enjoy it and get more ideas from it.

A weird teacher teaching

Mr Harold said that my pre and while reading activities were weird...

I have spent so many times thinking about the things that i wanted to do in the micro teaching, and again i failed, i even got the word weird this time.

Again, like i have said before, I am not actually worried of the result of micro teachings (even though i am, for the shorter run) but i am looking at the bigger picture, days of when i become a teacher later - if i repeat the same mistake again... who knows? maybe i will not get better?

My friend have told me stories of how he tried to teach a bunch of girls economics that day, now, he doesn't have things like pre reading or while reading or whatever, but he had his own strategies but it failed. I am thinking if the same thing happen again, how i am going to come out with better activities for them to do?

I failed two out of three micro teachings this semester, and right now i know i have problems, and i need to do something about it, not that i am not trying, but i do try... not hard enough.

The good news is i have still my final year to brush up my teaching skills, i will die trying!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Women who brought down the house!

It is very frustrating reading all these plays, it is really different from the script of a TV show or a movie, there is a difference, but if a play is a tragedy, then it has to be extremely tragic which would leave me thinking that there is no point of living, if it is a comedy, then it could only be a satire or a political parody.

I have finished reading the play King Lear, and also reading the sparknotes on it, the frustration that I acquire after reading this play is more overwhelming than me naming myself 'Melancholic Fool'. Let me tell you what happen after I finish reading it. I stared into a blank space thinking what would happen to me if I was Lear. I put the book aside and I went online reading the notes. I pushed the lid of my laptop down, and I stared at the wall in front of me and said - why?

Why do shakespeare need to write this kind of play? It is like 'terlampau malang' case, it is like worst than the worst case scenario. All the while I was reading it, I cant help but feeling angry with Shakespeare for ever creating the character Lear - he is his own villain, he brought every misfortune with his ambition to have a peaceful life without any obligation, he broke the covenant with God, he was at fault.

The character of Goneril and Regan, how could they do that to their own stupid father, is is not like having a Kingdom could help you be rich or whatever, to sell your own father - however stupid he may be - was a really bad thing to do. And there is foolish Cordelia, to stand there, and speak her mind was what malay people called 'Poyo'. I think she should have relax and say what was the right thing to say at the time, she should have lie thus saving her father from his unnatural ending.

Cordelia, Goneril and Regan was a justification from Shakespeare that how woman can brought down even the most powerful empire, say, The ancient Egypt fell under the rule of the sexually driven Cleopatra, Troy was sacked because of Helen, French Monarchy burnt because of Marie Antoinette, and England broke off with Rome because of Anne. I think all these women was potrayed by these three women, which was actually responsible to the fall of a King and a Royal Family.

The inspiration, the swordfish, the concubine then a Kee Thuan Chye

I cannot believe that I have met, spoken to, even take picture with the person that – I should say – living my dream.

Kee Thuan Chye came last week, and believe me I had fun hearing him speak. What marvels me is that, he came from a background that is just painfully ordinary. I always thought that people who ‘made it big’ had the basis of their birth to stand on and reach for the one thousand stars on the ceiling of victory.

Kee Thuan Chye made me realise that I HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES, I too can make it big. When Istana Budaya refuse my entrance for their script writing competition that day, I thought, that was IT, I am not meant to be a writer, never meant to.

Now I know that I have to try, Kee Thuan Chye was so inspirational that I even think to start another blog, and talk about things that I want to talk about – MY truth, and if I got detained by any legal bodies, (of course I don’t want to) that would be an achievement… (or like Lear, right down FOOLISH)

Talking about legal bodies and foolishness, Kee Thuan Chye made me realize the importance of a writer that could change the perception of the public. Growing up being not so Indian and not so Malay made me live a life of very quiet desperation, I had a lot of things to say about racial and harmony and prejudice and stereotyping and stuff, I could create even a satire now – thinking about doing it for theatre course next year.

And then he talked about the play, swordfish then the concubine – I mean come on! Whole my life I have been studying literature, I always say that I wish Shakespeare is alive and I can talk to him about the plays he wrote – or even smacked him on the head for creating such stories (maybe this is the point why he is already dead). However my point is, I could, then, ask him about the things that I found weird and confusing in the play, sadly I had only twice talked to him (by which, he called me a smart reader! Kee Thuan Chye called me a smart reader!!!), there was a lot of things that I wanted to ask him, like his latest involvement in 10 minutes scriptwriting competition – the play that he created, about a journalist named Moomtaz, it depicted the real life as it is, though he left the play quite ‘tergantung’, I wanted to know what HE thinks happened to Moomtaz. Also, why did he chose the name Nurhalisa, a really modern name for a setting that is legend-like. I know his play was only a parody, but why there was only one modern name in the whole play?

Maybe there will be other times that I can annoy him, not that day but nevertheless, Dr Edwin, if you are reading this – THANK YOU for bringing him to UPM, thank you so much.