Tuesday, March 10, 2009

They Produce Offspring??


exactly what i was thinking when i've finished reading Oedipus Rex. I mean like, it could be exciting to stage a play with so many dramatic suspense on a stage, i would love to be the director, but i still cannot pass the fact that Oedipus produced sons and daughters through his mother...

I know i have to be professional and accept the storyline, however, i guessed i am too far traditional or maybe even close minded to actually wriggle in thoughts of vomit whenever i read about the character Jocasta. But i cannot deny that the suspense were fitted to the plot impeccably, i can imgaine if i actually attempt to stage it, i would have to muster a lot of energy to explain to my actors of how it should be acted, and it would take really good actors to act in this plays, preferably those who can get pass the fact that oedipus slept with his own mother - and produce offspring.

The language in the play was surprisingly easy to understand, so i think to actually teach using this play was not impposible, however, to expose students with

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