Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I too can command the wind sir!

Queen Elizabeth is famous for her long reign and an era that had (and still has) been called Elizabethan to this day. It was interesting the way I see the movie portray her life as a queen. The way they speak, they were arguing but still their language were like so decent. If it was us who were arguing, we are certainly going to throw abundance of vulgar words here and there. I remember how the Spanish ambassador accusing the queen of her adulterous behaviour with the English pirates, well they were shouting, but Queen Elizabeth still calls the accuser 'sir'. It was really interesting and it is etched in my mind...

I too can command the wind sir! I have a hurricane in
me that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me!

And just before she shouted this to the Spanish ambassador, the ambassador actually bows as a mark of respect just after insulting her - Funny.

I dont know whether to say that they are truly being polite, or just hypocrites.

Also, i cant imagine the fact that in another few years time, Shakespeare will receive her patronage and she will make him famous. Because the Queen favours poetry and plays. I thought it was because she was bored of sexless life because she never marry - but then again she was the queen and she did have many favourites amongst the men of court and she was her mother's daughter (Not trying to point out that Anne Boleyn was actually a whore) - and then again - she was called the virgin queen. Well, putting the idea of her affairs with men to rest, she did exposed Shakespeare to the word, by giving him much encouragement.

It was interesting to see the life at English court operate and revolves around each other, it certainly was. I have clearer idea of the the courts of King Lear revolves - it was fun.

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