Friday, March 27, 2009

The induction, that is to be setted...

I have done my set induction that day, and I am glad that I got positive responses from the students – who are also my classmates. However, doing all these things with the videos, and games and stuff, just to get students to warm up with the upcoming lesson was – I should say – tedious. However, who am I to judge a thing that have been researched thoroughly and established by experts in teaching.

My set induction was a video, I spent more than three days to look for the video, download it, cut it to pieces that I think is appropriate for students to view it. After I had done showing students my set induction, then Mr Harold Pong commented, and my set induction was apparently not good enough, I am not questioning Mr Pong’s opinion, however, I wonder if I am doing the same thing when I am teaching real students, and Mr Pong is not there to tell me that my set induction is not good, then my effort for three days might result into nothing – so I am worried, even though I have still another year and a half to brush my skills up, but going into a class full of 46 14 year olds scares the hell out off me.

My two other micro teachings, all my set inductions were videos – and I got bad remarks for them, I even failed at one of the micro teachings. What baffled me was that, when I did my micro teaching for the reading class, the lecturer told me that I have teacher presence, and I am good in controlling my class, but when it comes to literature class, the lecturer said that I didn’t have teacher presence, and I don’t know how to control my class, and when it comes to drama class, my tutor said that my activity was weird. Was I good in a once-in-a-blue-moon basis, or was I having my bad day on the two other micros? I will never know.

All I know is now, I am buying a lot of books regarding teachings and how create activities, I hope I can be a good teacher, and I wish I could be my own critic, so I can better myself, not depending on lecturers to point out what I did wrong.

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