Sunday, March 22, 2009

Melancholic Fool tried to be creative

I have written plays before, but after learning the language of drama, I wanted to write something that at least resembles the brechtian plays. However, i realized that to write a brechtian play, it requires more intellect than my small brain could muster. So after a few days of thinking and after being pushed by my group members, i resort to the usual plot structure.

The last play that i have written was staged in IPP Penang, it was an adaptation from the Hang Li Po's love affair with Hang Jebat. It was fun, with a lot of funny lines and dancings, the title was scandal in the palace. It was not brechtian either, but i think it was better than the one i have written for the assignment.

My group members, bored that they have to wait for me to get an inspiration, they came up with a plot, and all i had to do was to realize it in the form of a script. So my intention to write a brechtian cant be fulfilled. However, i learn how write so everyone can understand the story, since most of the time i write something to messy and people just cannot understand. So all the comments that i got from my friends have helped me level my writings to a more normal one.


  1. I salute your ambition to write a Brechtian play. I didn’t even think of doing it. I guess that kind of play is too intellectual for me to write about. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it would be nice if you had written one. I’ve read some of your works and you know that I really enjoy reading your poems. This semester, we have been introduced to various kinds of plays. I believe that it is a good exposure for us to open up our eyes to different types of plays and of various issues. I hope that you will not stop writing. This is just the beginning and I look forward to your future plays, stories and of course, poems. Let us not stop writing just because the course ends. Fulfill your dreams to write a Brechtian play.

  2. i think our first assignment for Dr. Edwin course do make us feel like a play writer right? obviously we have to come out with a play and then edit it to become a better one. at least you have already come out with a play when we were in Penang and it was wonderful. people do like it and most of the actors/actress were satisfied with it. it is your first move to become a good play writer and i hope that our theater next sem would be perfect with your touch,hopefully! all the best pal!