Saturday, April 4, 2009

So long my almost lover...

This is my last entry for this blog, quite sad, because honestly I have never been so 'passionate' in creating blogs before. It had been a wonderful experience. I have found myself always checking on my blogs, waiting for comments, because I really want to know what people thought about my blog. However, sadly, I got very few comments, maybe for the fact that people does not know my URL, and lets not go there now.

The thing is, I am quite sad that the blog work had ended because it symbolizes that my time with EDU 3217 has ended. I had such a great time studying Drama, because I really like theater. I would like to someday write and direct a play. Yes, EDU 3217 had definitely helped me grow with the maturity of how to do a play.

Now, getting back to the blogging thing, I had some blogs before but all were only devoted for my poems, now I think I will create more blogs and be more open of the things that I would want to write. Blogging for EDU 3217 was fun, for the fact that Dr Edwin forced us to do it, I am kind of thankful for that, since i can indulge myself with blogging and can do more later.

I am also sad that Dr Edwin will be leaving UPM, I know that Dr Edwin does not need his students to say he is good, but my God he is good, his was the only lecture that I actually listen to and make notes. His was the only lecture that i enjoyed.

I would miss blogging and EDU 3217,

and I will write more blog, more interesting ones,

And I am really sorry that Dr Edwin is leaving UPM.


  1. Dr Edwin seems happy lately (it is weird though because all of us knew him). But sad for us because we will not have him anymore as our lecture. =(

    And for melancholic fools, i admired your because you can remember the important details. And most writer wrote based on their life. You have details and put it up together to create a beautiful puzzle of life! Your life is 'spicy' enough i think. So maybe you can be a good writer like Kee Thuan Chye. Who knows?!

    Do inform me if you have your master piece done so i can tell my students about it.. =)

  2. Thanks for your comments and kind words. Ihave enjoyed having you inmy class. My best wishes.
    Keep in touch.
    Dr. Edwin :)