Thursday, April 2, 2009

A made up love story for the Ledang Princess

The whole thing about the theater Puteri Guning Ledang were great, except for the storyline, I am not saying that i hate it, but i don't exactly love it. It is a simple story about love, and how it goes in the way of honour, it is just too 'chick-flick' for me i guess.

Well, that is just about the story (don't even let me start about the historical accuracies of the theater), the thing that i really impressed was one; The acting, my god, i am actually surprised why all these people (even the extra dancers) did not get any more recognition that it is. I was SPEECHLESS! Speechless I say! Two; the props! The magnificent props! I dont know how they do it, but they actually use the same steps-like blocks to create the Gunung Ledang, the waterfall, the Majapahit Palace (or Keraton) - i mean, that was downright creative. Third; the songs, i watch the theater a month ago, but i can still remember the songs, it was just right, everything was just right. I wish they had a more powerful storyline though, rather that a 'boy meets girl' thing.

The thing is, the theaters have given my ideas, how could a play be presented to audience, i can now imagine how the play like streetcar and such can be brought to life. Right now, i am wishing to own the script.

All these hiatus about the theater thing have made me more eager to watch more. Next week, our class will be watching 'A diary of a mad man', my whole class is going, that would be my first English theater. I hope i will enjoy it and get more ideas from it.

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