Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Women who brought down the house!

It is very frustrating reading all these plays, it is really different from the script of a TV show or a movie, there is a difference, but if a play is a tragedy, then it has to be extremely tragic which would leave me thinking that there is no point of living, if it is a comedy, then it could only be a satire or a political parody.

I have finished reading the play King Lear, and also reading the sparknotes on it, the frustration that I acquire after reading this play is more overwhelming than me naming myself 'Melancholic Fool'. Let me tell you what happen after I finish reading it. I stared into a blank space thinking what would happen to me if I was Lear. I put the book aside and I went online reading the notes. I pushed the lid of my laptop down, and I stared at the wall in front of me and said - why?

Why do shakespeare need to write this kind of play? It is like 'terlampau malang' case, it is like worst than the worst case scenario. All the while I was reading it, I cant help but feeling angry with Shakespeare for ever creating the character Lear - he is his own villain, he brought every misfortune with his ambition to have a peaceful life without any obligation, he broke the covenant with God, he was at fault.

The character of Goneril and Regan, how could they do that to their own stupid father, is is not like having a Kingdom could help you be rich or whatever, to sell your own father - however stupid he may be - was a really bad thing to do. And there is foolish Cordelia, to stand there, and speak her mind was what malay people called 'Poyo'. I think she should have relax and say what was the right thing to say at the time, she should have lie thus saving her father from his unnatural ending.

Cordelia, Goneril and Regan was a justification from Shakespeare that how woman can brought down even the most powerful empire, say, The ancient Egypt fell under the rule of the sexually driven Cleopatra, Troy was sacked because of Helen, French Monarchy burnt because of Marie Antoinette, and England broke off with Rome because of Anne. I think all these women was potrayed by these three women, which was actually responsible to the fall of a King and a Royal Family.

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  1. azharrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! i know you dont like tragedy, but i do. i love all the shakespeare's plays you know!! King Lear is the greatest tragedy play i read (so far)!!! hahhaah. i love the ending,i love the flow.. everything indeed. it was tragic and how it should be happen if the King went against the nature. the king- should be wise but in this case, it didnt happen.the king is initially blind. but i like the character, Cordelia. she was just being honest, but it turned against her. oh, poor her!

    why did you say the women were responsible for one's downfall?? just because in the history said so?? but if you see the list of the characters in King Lear, the three women were listed at the bottom. so, why we all to blame?

    after all, i like your critic. definitely you're good in it!! bravo dude!! see ya next semester in theatre~~~~~~