Thursday, April 2, 2009

A weird teacher teaching

Mr Harold said that my pre and while reading activities were weird...

I have spent so many times thinking about the things that i wanted to do in the micro teaching, and again i failed, i even got the word weird this time.

Again, like i have said before, I am not actually worried of the result of micro teachings (even though i am, for the shorter run) but i am looking at the bigger picture, days of when i become a teacher later - if i repeat the same mistake again... who knows? maybe i will not get better?

My friend have told me stories of how he tried to teach a bunch of girls economics that day, now, he doesn't have things like pre reading or while reading or whatever, but he had his own strategies but it failed. I am thinking if the same thing happen again, how i am going to come out with better activities for them to do?

I failed two out of three micro teachings this semester, and right now i know i have problems, and i need to do something about it, not that i am not trying, but i do try... not hard enough.

The good news is i have still my final year to brush up my teaching skills, i will die trying!

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